Why Countless Drivers Choose XenonSupply

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

That's how strongly we stand behind our products and our customer service. We're going to be very honest here, selling electronics can be difficult because manufacturing them, like anything else, has its drawbacks. Even the very best of companies, Apple, Ford, GM, manufacture products that have their own fair share of defects.

Plus the fact that most of our customers perform the install themselves adds another layer of complexity (Not that they're hard to install! -- On the contrary, our kits are really simple).


Our mission is to make sure you get the results you want whether that means the extra sense of security driving at night, that luxury car look and feel, or both! In the past decade, The majority of our customers never have any issues with their XS products and are extremely happy! But naturally, we do encounter issues the few rare times they come up; whether because of a one-in-a-million chance defect, user error, or just fickle vehicle electronics that don't perfectly mesh with our kits. Regardless of the reason, we take full responsibility and are committed to making sure our HIDs work for you. 



OUR XS PROMISE (Committed to YOU)

The Highest Quality - We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to quality assurance to guarantee the lifespan of our products will last you years to come under all weather conditions. Other companies will cheap out on parts, chips, and wiring for a little bigger margin and complete disregard for the customer (leaving their products susceptible to failure within 6-8 months).

WE NEVER SACRIFICE QUALITY when it comes to your driving safety. We accept and source from no less than the best manufacturers. Rest assured, XS products, especially our ballasts, carry the highest quality components to not just last longer than any of our competitors', but to last longer than even our own expectations. 


World Class Customer Service - We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service in the industry. You can see that not just from your interactions with us, but through all the carefully curated content and how-to videos we create to better assist our customers. Where other companies will shoot one HID install video, we will try to shoot a video for any vehicle we can get our hands on, because we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers from the beginning to the end.

WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU. We understood that it was not the HID install that was difficult, it was helping our customers feel comfortable working on their own car, and we figured what better way than to shoot a video of their car. We believe that the best customer service is helping customers help themselves. 


Reliable When you Need it Most - We're dedicated to helping you see better at night. Especially in parts of the country where there aren't many street lights, and people find it hard to see in the dark, we shine just a little further to give drivers more time to react to any road hazards. YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.

Additionally, we strongly promote responsibility with installing HID Xenon Conversions. We actively discourage our customers from odd color temperatures (8000K+) for road use because they're not any brighter than 4300K or 6000K, they just create more glare because the higher color temperatures (blueish hues) are difficult for the human eye to adjust to. OEM 4300K and 6000K colors are white in nature and cause substantially less glare for other drivers and provide the best visibility behind the wheel. We also encourage proper installation into projector style housings, which is why we started carrying aftermarket projector housings from trusted manufacturers such as Spyder Automotive.


If you have any questions or concerns, Don't hesitate to Contact Us!

Driving Safe with Style, 

XS Team