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XenonSupply is the premier supplier of everything HID, trusted by auto shops and car forums worldwide. Our XS Team is performance-driven to find and provide you with the highest quality and most reliable HID products for your car. When you install our XS HIDs you'll wish you installed them sooner! 


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The XenonSupply (XS) Experience 

HID Related Questions

Why XenonSupply?

The XS brand prides itself on quality, reliability, and customer experience. At XenonSupply we don't just sell HIDs, we provide full support during your installation!  Just take a look at our installation videos and product documentation and you will see that our focus is on ensuring that you have a successful install so that you can enjoy the benefits of your new HIDs ASAP!  HIDs do not work unless they are installed properly and our XenonSupply exclusive Installation Videos continue to help thousands of people install their kits every day.  We want to make sure that your install process is hassle-free so that you can get on the road with awesome light output that you've been missing out on! Make sure to take advantage of XenonSupply weekday Sales and quick Technical support via email.  Try us out today and find out for yourself!  


We Protect our Customers!

XenonSupply.com uses Secure HTTPS 256-bit SSL encrypted checkout to protect our customers from internet fraud and identity theft.  You'll notice when you proceed to the checkout page, your browser moves to an HTTPS connection letting you know that your checkout process and all information sent will be encrypted, safe from unfriendly eyes.


What is the difference between Standard and Premium products?

XenonSupply Standard HID Kits feature XS Brand HID Ballasts and Bulbs.  XS is a US based distributor of HID Conversion Kits sold by XenonSupply.  XS brand ballasts use the latest 7th generation ballast technology that is compatible with virtually all vehicles on the market today.  XS brand bulbs are a high quality, ceramic based HID conversion bulb with exceptional heat tolerance as well as color accuracy.

XenonSupply Premium HID Kits use CANBus equipped HID ballasts and Premium HID bulbs.  The ballasts use both CANBus decoders as well as Anti-Flicker Capacitors built into the unit itself to manage more complex electrical signals, as well as prevent flickering from more sensitive, computer controlled electrical systems in newer year model vehicles. Exponentially complex computer systems keep an eye on your vehicle's electronic components that were not standard a decade ago such as GPS, XM Radio, backup cameras, powered/heated seats, etc. 

It is highly recommended to upgrade to Premium Ballasts for all newer year models if purchasing the standard kit.  Our premium HID bulbs are Genuine XS Brand HID conversion bulbs with excellent color accuracy, light cut-off, and reliability.  Paired together, the Premium Kit is our best kit and guaranteed to work on virtually all vehicles without issue.


How long does it take to ship?

For customers in the continental United States, shipping is generally 2-5 business days. Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories will take 7-10 Business days. All International orders are shipped via USPS International and take 7-10 business days. Alternate shipping methods can be arranged by request by emailing us at sales@xenonsupply.com

What is the warranty?

Warranty is offered through the seller via Amazon. Please refer to the Warranty/Terms and Conditions Tab within the individual products for additional information.

Return Policy

We are consumers and customers like yourself and we understand that your satisfaction comes first. Products purchased through Amazon will be per the seller policy on Amazon. As for products sold on our website, we stand by our products, which is why we offer a 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty on all of our standard kits and 3 years on our Premium Kits. We take pride in the products and service we provide. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products or our service in the first 30 days, we will refund 100% of your purchase price*.

XenonSupply offers a standard 30-day return policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your products purchased through XenonSupply, it may be returned within 30 days of the delivery date. The returned items must be in good condition with the original packaging and accessories. Upon inspection of a returned package, any items missing or damaged will have their value deducted from the total refund amount based on the current price of the item. Shipping costs on return items will be paid for by the customer.

*Note that original shipping costs are non-refundable, and if the order qualified for free shipping, a flat $10.00 shipping and handling fee will be deducted.

Please allow 1-2 weeks following receipt of returned packaged for items to be processed and the amount to be credited back to your account.  If your item is defective, please notify us at Help@XenonSupply.com

How to process a return:
If you wish to return your item, you must first contact a XenonSupply Support Agent.  Once you receive confirmation from a support agent, packages must be sent to the following address:

335 W 31st Street
Unit D
Los Angeles, CA 90007

XenonSupply is not responsible for lost or damaged items.  It is recommended the customer save the tracking information for their return package in order to confirm delivery.

Defective, Damaged, or Incorrect Products:
If your product(s) arrive defective, damaged, or simply incorrect, please contact a Technical Support Agent as soon as possible.  We will send you a replacement part and provide you with a prepaid return label to return the defective/incorrect part if necessary.  Product(s) must be returned to us within 30 days.  The customer is responsible for notifying us of the issue by sending an email to help@xenonsupply.com with the images of the incorrect or damaged product received as a photo attachment.

If requesting a warranty replacement of any item, upon receipt of the warranty replacement, the defective items' wires must be cut and a photo must be submitted to help@xenonsupply.com  to avoid chargebacks to your account.

Manufacturer Warranty covers the merchandise(s) sold only. Any warranty of the installation of the product is the responsibility of the individual, shop, or technician who performed the installation. Our warranty is only valid with proof of sale from XenonSupply.com. A proof of installation is required for all warranty claims for HID Kits. Warranty coverage is non-transferable. This Warranty specifically excludes defects resulting from water damage, fire, chemical spillage, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation, operation with unapproved aftermarket headlights and/or DRL (Daytime Running Light) feature, submersion, vehicle crash, dropping or by any other type of impact. Color issues, such as discoloration, matching or ANY modification to the system and components, or operating a vehicle with a defective component and part, will automatically void the warranty.


If you have questions regarding the above policies, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at help@xenonsupply.com.

Thank you,
XenonSupply Team 



HID Questions

What does HID stand for?
HID stands for high-intensity discharge.  A high-intensity discharge (HID) lamp is a type of electrical lamp which produces light by means of an electric arc between tungsten electrodes housed inside a transparent fused quartz or fused alumina arc tube.  The excitement of xenon gases results in light output.  In comparison, a halogen based bulb runs a current through a thin filament generating an intense amount of heat that produces light as a byproduct. HIDs are far more superior when it comes to light output.


Are HIDs Street Legal?

The legality varies from locale to locale and you will need to check with your local laws and regulations. What we commonly dissuade customers from and what is illegal are any colors above 6000K, as they are prohibited by the Department Of Transportation. Any color hues in your headlights are very distracting to other drivers which is why we only recommend the 4300K and 6000K color temperatures, as they project the purest white.

With proper installation in a projector or modified reflector housing with the approved color temperatures, your aftermarket HID system will perform exactly like OEM HIDs.

What Kind of HID Kit do I Need?

A typical HID kit comes with an HID bulb, A ballast, and the wiring to connect both units.  If your kit does not come with a ballast, you are not purchasing an HID Kit.  You can imagine how liberal some companies take the term high intensity and apply it to their products.  Bulbs marketed as “Xenon Like” bulbs are actually high wattage halogen bulbs with a colored film.  These are NOT brighter than a standard halogen bulb; they may even be less bright because of the colored film. For more info please see the product page of your specific car make/model (via the search bar)

Fake HIDs

Real HID System
XenonSupply CANBus HID Xenon Premium Headlight Kit



How to Install HID Headlights

Here at XenonSupply, we strive to ensure you have a quick and easy install so that you can see results immediately. To assist you in your installation, we have produced XS exclusive "how-to" videos that you can follow along with step-by-step. In addition, we provide an online manual and diagrams. All this can be found within our "How-To Library". And of course, if you have any additional questions regarding your install we will be ready to serve you at sales@xenonsupply.com or call us at 800-840-3240.


How much brighter are HID headlights?
An HID Light can be as much as 3x – 6x times brighter than a standard halogen bulb.

Halogen Light
Xenon Light



HID vs. LED for Your Car

In a short summary: If you are replacing a small bulb, choose LED. If you are to upgrade your fog lights or headlights, get an HID kit. Wondering why?


How long do HIDs last?

The lifespan of HID bulbs are rated to last on average 6000-8000 hours.  For life expectancy, a quality HID bulb and ballast will last for about 4-6 years before needing replacement.  In contrast, the lifespan of a halogen bulb is rated for 1600-3000 hours and for life expectancy, they need to be replaced after about 2-3 years of usage.

XS HID products (HID kits, bulbs, ballasts, etc.) are tested for durability to ensure the longest HID lifespans for your use. In addition, we offer 1-year warranties with all our XS HID products, and 3 years on CANBus ballasts -- You have our quality guarantee.


What bulb colors do you recommend?

In terms of brightness, 4300K to 6000K are the brightest bulbs and will produce the most visible light.  8000K has a bluer tint and slightly reduced brightness, but still significantly brighter than Halogen bulbs.  Beyond 8000K we do not recommend using the Blue (30,000K) or Purple (35,000K bulbs) for daily road driving.  We stock and sell these products only because there are customers that use these on show cars and for off-road purposes only.  Please remember, a higher color temperature color(K) DOES NOT MEAN brighter bulbs.  This is a very common misconception.  The brightest bulbs are the 4300K-6000K bulbs

If you are unsure of which bulb color to go with, choose the 6000K bulb!  While 4300K is the most recommended color temperature by auto experts, 6000K is the most preferred color temperature by auto enthusiasts. Please reference the bulb color temperature guide on the product page to assist you in your purchase.


AC Ballasts vs DC Ballasts -- XS HID Xenon Kits

Alternating Current Ballasts are used on all OEM Factory equipped HID systems (i.e. Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Lexus etc)  Alternating Current extends the life of an HID bulb by almost two times that of a DC (Direct Current) kit.  When an HID system ignites the bulb, an electric spark ignites across two metal electrodes.  With AC(alternating current) ballasts, electricity is sent to those electrodes every other cycle at a very high frequency which reduces overall usage and reduces the overall temperature of the system.  

A Direct Current Ballast would send a constant flow of electricity to the electrodes which has an higher running temperature and causes the metal contact points to age faster over time.  AC ballasts are more expensive to manufacture than DC ballasts and is reflected in our pricing.  Be assured that you are paying for a quality product with the durability and longevity of the HID kit in mind. 

35W vs 55W -- XS HID Xenon Kits

XS HID products, similar to OEM factory equipped HID systems i.e. Mercedes Benz, Audi, Lexus, BMW, etc, all use 35W HID systems because of their reliability and long life span.  Other higher wattage aftermarket HID systems (i.e. 55W, 100W systems) are not recommended as they increase the operating temperature of the HID system, affect bulb color temperature, and in general have a shorter lifespan.  The issue of "melting" headlight housings occurs when 55W bulbs are placed in improper housings that cannot withstand the hotter temperatures given off by higher wattage kits. In addition, higher wattage kits are not that much brighter than 35W systems.  In fact, a 4300K 35W HID system has the same brightness of a 6000K 55W HID system.  This is because the increased wattage of the 55W system operates the 6000K bulb at a higher temperature, changing the color of the bulb and essentially, creating a whiter color more similar to that of a 4300K bulb.


Projector vs Reflector Headlight Housing

Worried about glare and HIDs being "blinding"? This is rarely the case when a proper installation is performed. It is preferable for HIDs to be installed in Projector housings, however HIDs also work perfectly fine in Reflector housings when proper modifications are in place and headlights are adjusted appropriately. Read more about it in our Blog post about installing HIDs into projector and reflector headlight housings.

If you have any concerns please contact us at 800-840-3240 or use the "Help" button at the bottom left corner.

I have a Low Beam DRL equipped vehicle, will there be problems?

If your vehicle uses a Daytime Running Light (DRL) system on the low beam of your vehicle, installing a normal HID kit will cause the HID kit to flicker during the day when the DRL system is activated.  This is a common problem with Canadian Spec vehicles due to Canadian DRL laws, as well as some US manufactured vehicles (i.e. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer, older generation Toyota Corollas, etc).  To overcome this issue, XenonSupply offers special packages or you can purchase separately the accessory wiring harnesses and anti-flicker capacitor to bypass the DRL module and prevent flickering.  These additional accessories and steps allow the HID system to operate as the DRL and comply with state/country motor vehicle regulations.

What's the difference between D2S, D2R, and D2C?

D2 and D1 refers to the bulb base type. S stands for Shielded which is used on projector headlights.  R stands for Reflector and requires a ceramic strip or metal shield to control light output.  C refers to Color and generally means anything above 5000K temperature.  The D2C bulb is aftermarket and will fit any D2S and D2R housing.  D3S and D4S are Non-Mercury filled bulbs and are currently limited to a few specialty vehicles and some Toyota/Lexus models.

What is Cycling?

Cycling is the effect of an old, or inefficient ballast and or bulb.  A typical HID bulb requires 35 watts to operate effectively.  Low quality manufacturing/aging of HID ballasts/bulbs can create inefficiencies that require more than 35 watts to operate.  As the ballast struggles to generate more output, it overheats and turns the lights off.  After a few minutes, the ballast cools to a point where it can generate the additional power needed to operate and turn the lights back on.  This on/off affect is referred to as Cycling.  Poor quality ballasts can also lend to this effect as inconsistent power output degrades the gases and materials inside the bulb; this results in additional inefficiencies, a vicious cycle.  We independently test kits before shipping and only sell those that meet our quality standards.  Cycling is different than the flickering issues caused by daytime running light (DRL) systems.