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The premier automotive lighting solution for HID Xenon Kits and LED lighting kits.

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XenonSupply was launched in 2009. We are a premier retailer of automotive lighting accessories. We sell mostly HID Xenon Conversion Kits that are used to convert standard headlight halogen low beams to brighter, more luxurious, high quality HID Xenons. People are typically searching for headlight bulb replacement for popular bulb types H7, H11, 9006, 9005, H1, and H3 for their single beam headlights, and bulb types H8, H10, and 5202 for their fog lights. Some vehicles have bi-xenon, or high/low (hi/lo), headlight systems where the low beam and high beam are both illuminated by one bulb. The bulb itself moves to change the angle of the light between low beam and high beam. Some popular bi-xenon bulb types are 9004/9007, and H13/9008. Every HID system requires two HID bulbs and two HID ballasts. There are huge differences between ballast quality on the market, and we only source and carry the highest quality ballasts. The cheaper ballasts are manufactured as DC (Direct Current) Analog ballasts which is an older technology that only lasts a year or so.

The newest technology ballasts are the ones we carry which are AC (Alternating Current) Digital ballasts which are designed to be more efficient and last significantly longer (4+ years) than the DC Analog ballasts. Most recommended HID kits are 35W (watts) because they burn cooler than 55W HID kits and are still 3 times brighter than stock halogen bulbs. 55W HID kits run too hot for standard headlight assemblies and can pose a fire hazard because it can possibly melt the headlight housing. Some vehicles have daytime running lights which force the low beam headlights to stay on during the daytime at a lower power output, however installing HIDs on these cars will create flickering problems that can be fixed with an accessory relay harness, which connects the HID kit directly to the car battery for power so that the ballasts bypasses the vehicle’s lower power output for daytime running lights.

Many European import vehicles have an extra computer system called a CANBus computer system that is designed to monitor the car and alert the owner of any errors with the vehicles. Because stock halogen bulbs draw 55W, and the recommend HID Kits are only 35W, the CANBus detection system needs to be tricked and bypassed to prevent a false positive bulb-out warning error. For these vehicles, we carry the highest grade CANBus HID ballasts which have built-in CANBus resistors to provide the right information for the CANBus system to not throw a bulb-out error. CANBus ballasts are the best of the best ballasts on the market because they are the most efficient, with the highest quality internal parts, and can fix almost all HID installation issues that customers may encounter. XenonSupply is well known for its step-by-step how-to videos which show customers how to install HIDs into their own vehicles and instill confidence for consumers to perform the installation themselves.

To all of you, from all of us at XenonSupply - We thank you for your business and look forward to serving your needs!

XS Team