HID vs LED for Cars – Which is Better?

We receive a common question from many customers, regarding recommendation of HID or LED setups based on the bulb. Both types of headlights have become increasingly popular lately because they combine high performance and advanced technology, as opposed to the conventional halogen bulb. The latter is more similar to the bulbs commonly seen in households, whereas HID and LED bulbs... View more

CANBus - Your Car's Computer and How It Works

The key to your car’s deepest secrets comprises a bunch of chips and wires. The CAN, short for Controller Area Network, is as elaborate as it sounds, but all drivers should have an idea about the way it interconnects all your vehicle’s individual parts. Most of the time, people ask us about the car parts that make distinctive sounds when... View more

Tesla Model X

It's been a few years since Tesla first launched its electric cars to the public and it's needless to say that they have grown utterly popular over those years. Their most poplar seller, the Model S can be seen on the streets about every day in highly populated areas; not to mention, Tesla dealerships and stores are popping up in... View more